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Your guide to achieving your protein goals - supporting muscle growth and a healthy body composition.

Esa Evans' goal is to help you love the process of being fit, strong and healthy. There are so many benefits waiting for you, including better sleep, great skin, energy for life, strength and mobility as you age, improved bone mass, healthier body composition...

You have it in you to love movement and exercise. You know that engaging with life through movement is key not just to a healthy body but also a healthy mind. 

I'm passionate about fitness and I can help you achieve your goals

Esa Evans

Making positive changes to your fitness can be rewarding in all areas of your life. Let me guide you towards your stronger, fitter future.

I offer personalised training programmes and support to help you achieve YOUR fitness, strength and lifestyle goals.

Training sessions can take place in your home, gym, or at a nearby park or beach in Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay or Faversham.

Learn to Love the Process

Contact me to talk about your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Train with Esa. Offered in six-week blocks of personal training, Esa provides personalised plans to support you in achieving YOUR health and fitness goals.

£300 - £550

Core & Mobility

Esa's Core & Mobility class takes place at 8am every Thursday at Shakti Den, Cromwell Road, Whitstable and every Wednesday (from 20 March 2024) at Whitstable Yoga & Wellbeing Centre. Buy passes and book your place in class in advance.

£10 drop-in Thursday / £13 drop-in Wednesday. Carnet & membership pricing available. 


Bolt on the accountability module for tailored lifestyle & nutrition advice to support you in achieving positive health & fitness results.


Core & Mobility

Book your place in class NOW. 

About Esa

Esa started her professional fitness journey in 2017 after a life threatening health scare. She is passionate about resistance training and its benefits and wants others to feel the same. Esa loves movement and exercise, and believes that being able to engage in life through movement is key not just to a healthy body but also a healthy mind. 

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